News September 15, 2021

Bogotá announces open tender to set up the first Public Bikeshare System

Bike sharing

During its second phase, the C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF) supported the cities of Bogotá, Cali, Montería and Bucaramanga in the development of their bike share system (BSS) projects. Following this support, Bogotá recently launched a public tender process to receive proposals to set up the city’s first Public Bikeshare System. The tender will firstly be open for comments and consultations from the public, as well as from potential bidders, until September 15th. The contract specifications can be accessed here

The CFF supported Bogotá in developing the business case that best suits the needs of the city, particularly through:

  • Analysis of relevant business models and existing legal frameworks for BSS
  • Development of specific studies to understand the potential demand of cycling trips, existing cycling infrastructure, as well as the city areas with high potential cycling demand and integration potential with other public transportation modes 
  • Development of specific gender studies to incorporate recommendations to the BSS project and mainstream the gender perspective throughout the entire process, from project design to implementation.

The system in Bogotá will be comprised of 2,030 bicycles distributed in 152 stations throughout 5 city areas. Bogotá's new BSS will be financed in totality with private investment, in the hands of the winning bidder who will repay the city the equivalent value for the use of public space with the purchase, installation and maintenance of the cycle parking facilities.

Public bikeshare systems bring a convenient and affordable means of transportation to a city, significantly increasing the share of cycling and its corresponding benefits within the city. Citizens can expect to see improved health, a better quality of life, reduced congestion throughout the city and reduced road infrastructure costs. In the case of Bogotá, the system will allow for a reduction of almost 300 tCO2e per year.

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