News June 4, 2020

Bicycles Bring Colombia Together

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Video Series on Cycling Benefits


#LaBiciNosUne – Bicycles Bring Colombia Together.

From the perspective of citizens, urban cyclists and experts, CFF presents, through the video series #LaBiciNosUne, the benefits of how cycling contributes to sustainable development in Colombia, highlighting the projects that are being implemented in sustainable urban cycling cluster cities. Stay tuned to follow the series! 

Chapter 1: Environmental Benefits

This video asks why is the bicycle a sustainable means of transportation. The bicycle is a social transformation symbol by making us conscious of nature and others, it does not generate noise, pollution or health risks.
The Government of Colombia show cased this video during the World Environment Day on 5 June 2020. Share the video with your community on LinkedIn.

La Bici Nos Une [Capítulo 1: Ambiente] - The Bicycle Bring Us Together [Chapter 1: Environment] 


Chapter 2: Economic Benefits - on the way to a green recovery

How does the bicycle strengthen the economy of the city? The bicycle is economy in motion, increasing local economic development while stimulating consumption and helping in the reactivation of various sectors in times of crisis.

La Bici Nos Une [Capítulo 2: Economía] - The Bicycle Bring Us Together [Chapter 2: Economy]


Chapter 3: Gender - the bicycle brings us together

How does the bicycle build safer cities? The bicycle is synonymous with freedom, autonomy and empowerment, and promotes the construction of safe environments for women, children and the elderly.

La Bici Nos Une [Capítulo 3: Género] - The Bicycle Brings Us Together [Chapter 3: Gender]

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