Workshops & Webinars February 1, 2023

The City Academy on Finance and Equity (CAFE)

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Brochure: The City Academy on Finance and Equity (CAFE)

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  • Part 1: Introduction Introduction to Finance and Equity & Inclusion
  • Part 2: Thematic Specific insights related to Finance and Equity & Inclusion
  • Part 3: Sectoral Sector specific considerations related to Finance and Equity & Inclusion

The CFF is thrilled to launch a brand-new interactive academy for our partner cities - the City Academy on Finance and Equity (CAFE). 

This academy has been developed by the CFF team to empower city officials with useful concepts, approaches, and tools to plan and finance sustainable and equitable infrastructure projects. Following the high demand from previous CFF phases of operation, the CAFE curriculum has been developed based on the advice of cities and experts. 

The CAFE in short...

What: 30+ hour academy covering infrastructure finance and equity and inclusion. The academy is divided into three distinct parts. 
When: February - July 2023.
Where: Primarily virtual/hybrid, with potential in-person delivery for the second instalment.
Who: The academy will be offered to select participants from the city’s technical team and other relevant departments
How: The course will include trainer-led and interactive sessions, including peer-to-peer exchanges.

The academy will be delivered over three instalments...

  • Part 1: Introduction to Finance and Equity & Inclusion - 12 hours of virtual academy spread over four consecutive days. 
  • Part 2: Thematic - A series of 1-hour virtual webinars which delve deeper into specific topics raised in Part 1
  • Part 3: Sectoral - 12 to 20 hours of workshops delivered in-person, exploring finance and equity & inclusion considerations for each specific sector - waste, energy & buildings, and adaptation & nature-based solutions. 

The sessions are by no means dry lectures - interactive elements, including quizzes and discussions, are woven throughout. There will also be ample opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, with city officials gaining insights from other CFF projects in their region and sector. All sessions will be recorded, and all resources will be forwarded to the city so that other city officials can access the academy. 

The CAFE is a key step in the CFF process. The objective of the academy is to support the preparation of the project, upscale actions, and enable replication. By providing this, the CAFE seeks to support other CFF activities, such as the Financial Options Analysis. The CAFE can also help with business and operational models and other project feasibility studies, as well as supporting each city’s other projects.


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SEA Detailed Agenda CAFE February 2023

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