News December 13, 2019

Jakarta is spearheading Indonesia’s e-bus transition!


Jakarta is leading the way for electric buses in Indonesia - taking a first step towards a system change to sustainable public transport and lower emissions in the capital and beyond. The Jakarta government is committed to improve air quality and therefore champions the migration to electric, low-emission vehicles on its award-winning bus transit system. 

The CFF supports this transformative effort with technical assistance for a pilot project. Together, we are developing a suitable business case for running e-buses on TransJakarta’s network, the city's Bus Rapid Transit system. The CFF is providing a dedicated transport expert, based in the city administration, who will ensure effective delivery of support, communication with the responsible municipal departments and coordination with local partners. Based on Jakarta’s experience, the CFF will subsequently ensure lessons are shared with key stakeholders in other cities and institutions. This way, Jakarta can contribute to changing Indonesia’s transport infrastructure – improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.