Newsletter April 11, 2023

C40 Cities Finance Facility Newsletter - April 2023

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The CFF announces expected leverage of over US$1 billion in investments into sustainable climate infrastructure projects

During the C40 World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires in October 2022, the CFF revealed its new portfolio of partner cities and support. The CFF is projected to leverage more than $1 billion USD in financing through 36 urban climate infrastructure projects in the Global South until 2025. These projects are being developed by the CFF’s partner cities in collaboration with C40 and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

The CFF has already supported 20 projects in 17 cities, including five non-C40 cities. These projects are expected to access more than $650 million USD of finance, contributing to reducing approximately 2.5 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Cities such as Bogotá, Curitiba, Durban, Guadalajara, Jakarta, Mexico City, Quezon City, and Rio de Janeiro have already benefitted.

With funding from the UK, German and French governments, the CFF has announced the next group of 14 cities and 16 projects – all in the Global South – that will benefit from CFF support and bring the total expected leverage to beyond $1 billion USD.

These cities have been selected across a range of sectors including sustainable mobility, energy and buildings, green and blue infrastructure, and waste management. Below you can find CFF’s current project portfolio (2021 – 2024).



City Academy on Finance and Equity (CAFE)

The CFF is thrilled to launch a brand-new interactive academy for our partner cities - the City Academy on Finance and Equity (CAFE). This Academy has been developed by the CFF team to empower city officials with useful concepts, approaches, and tools to plan and finance sustainable and equitable infrastructure projects.

Infrastructure Investor Network Global Summit 

We are delighted to share that the CFF attended the Infrastructure Investor Network Global Summit, held in Berlin, 20-23 March 2023.
The summit was an exciting opportunity for the CFF to connect with global institutional investors, building a network to help advance our partner cities’ green infrastructure projects.
Key themes of the summit included Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability, overcoming energy issues, and infrastructure portfolio enhancement. Specialist forums included an Emerging Markets Forum, an ESG & Sustainability Forum, and an Energy Transition Forum.