News June 11, 2019

Transforming infrastructure - and children's lives!

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C40 Cities Finance Facility receives one Million Euros from the Children Investment Fund Foundation

The CFF is set to receive one million euros from the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) to support greater climate action in cities. The funding will allow the CFF to support a further city to implement a project which will lead to significantly mitigate climate change and improve air quality within the city.

CIFF has a long history of supporting of climate action in cities to safeguard the lives and futures of children and adolescents in developing countries. CIFF’s aims to support bold ideas to intractable problems and to be a catalytic funder, delivering urgent and long-lasting change at scale match the CFF’s objectives to support cities to develop transformative and scalable climate related projects.

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About CIFF

The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation was established in 2002 by Chris Hohn and Jamie Cooper. The co-founders set out to improve the lives of children living in poverty in developing countries through strategies that have lasting impact. With a rigorous business-like approach to philanthropic funding, the foundation was focused on clear returns for children from the outset. The emphasis on data to measure impact has been widely adopted by other development funders.  

One of the early programme investments in children’s health was to increase treatment and care for paediatric AIDS in developing countries. Working with partners, the foundation played a catalytic role in increasing the number of children who were properly treated for HIV. By underwriting the cost of children’s antiretroviral medications, CIFF and other funders helped shape a market for a long neglected area in children’s health. The result helped reduce the wide disparity between AIDS treatment offered to adults and children.