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Collaboration, Communication and Coordination - Accelerating ZEB deployment


Collaboration, Communication and Coordination - Accelerating Zero Emission Bus Deployment

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Cities around the world are continuing to identify the environmental, health and financial benefits of adopting zero emission buses (ZEBs) and demand is starting to surge – with ZEBs estimated to make up 83% of the global bus fleet by 2040. However, despite the growing number of cities committing to the transition, many still struggle to understand the systemic changes needed and the landscape of new and existing actors necessary to facilitate and accelerate large-scale deployment.  

This report shares the experiences of four cities who were supported by the CFF to deploy the first zero-emission buses in their cities. The aim is to present these case studies in a way that will be helpful for other cities and practitioners to learn from to accelerate deployment elsewhere.

Several effective methods of coordination were identified from these four case studies, which utilised both new and existing mechanisms and processes. These included:

  • Understanding the needs of key stakeholders and formulating robust strategies to collaborate with them.
  • Developing long-term city roadmaps.
  • Working with other partners to develop a better enabling environment.
  • Creating or refining standardised processes.
  • Understanding and analysing the decision-making process and steps.
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