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With support from the CFF, eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality is building a case for upscaling riverine management to encompass all rivers in the city. The aim is to build a compelling business case for a transformative riverine management program (TRMP) that works in partnership with all stakeholders to rehabilitate and sustainably manage all of the city’s riverine corridors. 


The TRMP aims to adapt the 7 400 km of streams and rivers in the city to the flooding, drought and higher temperatures that can be expected from climate change.  While creating the TRMP the city and the CFF have recorded learnings in the form of technical studies, general reports, and videos. 


Read the full Durban Transformative Riverine Management Programme Business Case: 

Durban TRMP Business Case

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Learn about the creation of the Transformative Riverine Management Program in Durban in the articles and videos below: 

Background and Structuring

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Implementation Insights

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Making the Case for Upscaling Investment

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Wastewater Impacts on Rivers

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Durban's TRMP
Durban in short

Read through the technical studies that accompanied the TRMP the articles below: 

Riverine Management Models Report

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Regulatory Framework and Implications for Partnership-Based River Management,

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Durban Metro Hydrological Vulnerability Assessment

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River Vulnerability Assessment

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Green Economy Report

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Benefit Cost Analysis

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Resources from Durban

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