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Addressing Finance And Capacity Barriers


Addressing Finance And Capacity Barriers For Nature-based Solutions Implementation At City Level


Urban20 (U20) is a city diplomacy initiative that brings together cities from G20 member states and observer cities from non-G20 states to discuss and form a common position on climate action, social inclusion and integration, and sustainable economic growth. Recommendations are then issued for consideration by the G20. The initiative is convened by C40 Cities, in collaboration with United Cities and Local Governments, under the leadership of a Chair city that rotates annually. 

This white paper was co-authored by CFF staff for the U20 task force on Nature Based Urban Solutions. The paper advocates for global action by cities to seize the current opportunity and champion the call for a global policy directive for nature-based urban solutions to be at the core of cities' economic growth trajectory in the next 5 to 10 years. The paper demonstrates proof of concept by profiling evidence-based approaches to NBS from various cities across the globe, further unpacks barriers to action including why these barriers exist to date and proposes solutions to be driven through the U20 process.

Nature-based Solutions Implementation At City Level

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