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CFFactory magazine 2018

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From 28 to 30 November, the CFFactory brought together in Berlin representatives from cities, national governments, financial institutions, NGOs and the private sector for its international conference on cities, climate change and finance. The aim of the event, hosted by the C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF) in cooperation with the Senate of Berlin, was to share the CFF’s approach and experiences with those working in the field of project preparation and financing and to promote cooperation between cities, financiers and other stakeholders in this field.

The CFFactory magazine provides an overview of the of the three day conference in Berlin, featuring:

  • An op-ed by Joachim Göske (GIZ) and Mark Watts (C40). 
  • A keynote by Aniket Shah - Head of Sustainable Investing at Oppenheimer Funds
  • A look at some of the newest projects supported by the CFF.
  • An overview of thematic sessions looking at project preparation and financing. 
  • Reverse pitching on financing instruments
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